2007 Indianapolis Air Show

The USS Indianapolis Museum and the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization collaborated during the air show to educate the public on the history of the ship and her crew. Survivors from all over the country came together to sign books and speak with the public about their experiences. The museum displayed many artifacts, including letters and telegrams to families of the lost at sea crew members.

Tom Curran, Jeff Nance and Tricia Frye of the USS Indianapolis Museum Board present Commander Gregory Maguire, Commanding Officer of the Navy Recruiting District-Michigan, with a replica of the USS Indianapolis bell.

The USS Indianapolis Museum Board presents Board Member, John Duncan, with a plaque to thank him for his generous donation to the USS Indianapolis Museum.

Survivor Ed Harrell speaking with the public about his book, Out of the Depths.

2Lt. David E. Rhode, Marylen Wallace and Tom Lund, along with Mike Hussey (not pictured) went above and beyond the call of duty by providing survivors, their families and the museum staff with invaluable support during the two-day event.

Survivor Richard Thelen and his wife, Ester, discuss artifacts regarding the exoneration of Captain Charles McVay.

Survivors in front of a PV2-Harpoon. Lt. Chuck Gwinn was flying a routine mission in a PV1-Ventura, when he spotted the survivors of the USS Indianapolis in the water. The PV1-Ventura is a predecessor of the PV2-Harpoon.