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The Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) is a volunteer youth oriented organization that is open to both male and female individuals, age 13 through High School. If a Cadet turns eighteen and is still in high school, the Cadet may continue participation until graduation.  The Navy League Cadet Corps that accepts applicants ages 10 – 13 also plays an important role in the Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division.
The goals are to provide participating Cadets with the training and opportunities that assist in their mental, moral, and physical development. The volunteer adult leaders stress the principals of patriotism and good citizenship while instilling in the Cadets a sense of duty, discipline, self-respect, initiative, self-confidence, teamwork, and self-preparedness.
Sea Cadet training is authorized aboard the ships and shore activities of the Navy and Coast Guard. Qualified NSCC Officers and military instructors provide training. Cadets participate in a variety of classroom and hands-on training exercises.
The primary focus of the organization is to prepare each participating Cadet for the responsibilities of becoming a productive citizen. Looking off into the horizon most are thinking how they can succeed in life and overcome its many obstacles.  There are many ways to put excitement in your life and gain respect for others and yourself.  One of the ways is to join the Sea Cadet program. In the NSCC Program there are many constructive ways to have fun, meet new people, and benefit from educational opportunities found in no other youth organization.  Through the program, you can participate in training all over the U.S., visit foreign countries, gain physical fitness, and participate in many activities that will benefit your development of life-long skills.
 Wouldn’t it be fun just to go somewhere, other than your hometown, where you could experience the excitement of something new? Trainings in health care, music, construction (SeaBees), aviation, combat (SEAL’s), and general shipboard operations are available.  There are training opportunities that will interest every Cadet. Through training activities, Cadets gain a new perspective of life. They begin to develop a sense of independence and learn to be a team member while working with many other Cadets they’ve never met.  If training in the U.S. isn’t exciting enough, you could sign up for foreign exchange training in another country.  Training activities help the Cadet gain confidence, develop leadership skills, and form friendships that will never be forgotten.
Playing games, running as a group, and participating in a Physical Fitness Training (P.T.) test brings out the best in everyone.  The Sea Cadet program will help each Cadet develop their character and build confidence in their skills and abilities through hard work and cooperation with other Cadets. Leadership skills will be developed from watching others while participating in various events and training activities.
There is an enrollment process including an application package and annual enrollment fee. There is a one time fee for name tapes, name tag, and refundable uniform deposit. There are also additional fees associated with various training activities including the annual two-week trainings.
There is a rank structure within the Cadet Program similar to the U.S. Navy. Cadets achieve advancement through a structure of academic type course work and completion of training activities. 
Additional information about the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps program may be found at The USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Division web address is
Please plan to visit the Heslar Naval Armory (Navy Operational Support Center, 3010 N. White River Parkway E. Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46208-4983). Phone: 317-921-3519 Ext. 22

You may also contact the following individuals for more information or an appointment:
LCDR Eddie DeWitt, NSCC at 317-852-8588 <> or LT Michael E. Gill at 317-326-4016 <>

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future!

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LCDR Eddie L. DeWitt, USNSCC                

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