US Indianapolis Museum Artifact Donationt

The USS Indianapolis Museum is accepting any artifacts related to the USS Indianapolis history for displaying at the Museum. Individuals donating or loaning artifacts will receive recognition in the display at the Museum.  

All artifacts donated or loaned become the property of the USS Indianapolis Museum under an Artifact Donation/Loan Agreement that each party will sign. If the artifacts are loaned, they will be returned to the appropriate owners at their request per the agreement. No artifacts will ever be discarded or sold. These points are clearly outlined in the Artifact Donation/Loan Agreement that is a standard agreement supplied by the American Association of Museums. The USS Indianapolis Museum is a member of the American Association of Museums.

Please contact us at 317-769-6014 for more information and to discuss your artifact donation or loan or email us at (voicemail is checked on a weekly basis by museum volunteers)


USS Indianapolis Museum rendering

The new home of the USS Indianapolis Museum.
Opening July 2007 at the Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Announcement by Governor Daniels