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The USS Indianapolis Museum Puts A Call Out for any USS Indianapolis and Associated Artifacts.

The Museum continues to receive or uncover more artifacts documenting the history of the USS Indianapolis. The Museum is putting out an official call to Survivors, families, individuals or organizations with any USS Indianapolis artifacts to consider donating them. The Museum is accepting donations of any artifacts from the moment it was decided to build the USS Indianapolis through the current day. For example, artifacts include items such as crew and family personal affects, artifacts from individuals who participated in the location, rescue, medical care and rehabilitation of the Survivors, pictures, documents, ship building plans and records, books, diaries, stories, any recorded audio and video, clothing, patches, flags, etc. Securing and documenting these artifacts at The Museum will help record and educate everyone about the USS Indianapolis history for all generations past, present and in the future. If you have any artifacts relating to the 13 year history of the USS Indianapolis that would help the Museum tell the story to future generations, please contact us at or 317-769-6014.  Click to the Artifact Donation page for more information.

The last 18 months have been amazing for the museum. And with your continued support, we expect the future to bring even more growth and exciting news for The USS Indianapolis Museum!