USS Indianapolis Museum Proposed Displays

  • Crew Member Wall: The final sailing list.
    There will be 1,197 individual wall components in a continuous row throughout the museum with one for each crew member. Each crew member wall will feature their personal story and history, photographs, personal affects, artifacts, memorabilia and stories from their family.
  • USS Indianapolis in Peace Time 1930s.
  • USS Indianapolis, ship of State for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • USS Indianapolis 1932 to 1945 History Timeline.
  • Captains of the USS Indianapolis.
  • The Life of Captain Charles McVay.
  • History of the Navy Officers and Commanders in the Pacific Theater.
    Example: Biography and artifacts of Admiral Raymond Spruance, Commander of Fifth Fleet and Graduate of Shortridge High School in Indianapolis.
  • Pearl Harbor Attack Starts World War II with the sinking of the USS Arizona and the sinking of of the USS Indianapolis Ends World War II.
    Example: History of Ships Lost During World War II.
  • USS Indianapolis Pacific Campaigns and "Ten Battle Stars" History.
  • History and Timeline of Mission to Deliver Atomic Bomb.
  • Memorial Wall, Display and Artifacts honoring those who lost their lives while serving on board.
  • USS Indianapolis Sinking History and Timeline.
  • Minorities serving on the USS Indianapolis.
    Approximately 39 African-American sailors died instantly when the first torpedo hit the bow of the USS Indianapolis.
  • Crew Survival in the Water.
  • History of Rescue Ships and Hospital Ships with Personal Crew Stories and Artifacts.
  • History of Rescue Aircraft and Personal Crew Stories and Artifacts.
  • The Court Martial of Captain Charles McVay.
  • Student, Hunter Scott's Work to have Congress Exonerate Captain Charles McVay.
  • History of the Atomic Bomb Development from Beginning to Hiroshima.
  • History of Japanese Submarines with Special Feature on the I-58, Commander and Crew.
  • Role of the Japanese Kamikaze Attack in World War II.

Other Museum Main Features

  • USS Indianapolis History Center and Library for Research.
  • Theater for Video History of the USS Indianapolis and Special Guest Lectures.
  • Area for Traveling World War II Exhibits On-Loan From Other Museums.
  • History of Indiana Navy Ships and Vessels.

Capt. McVay
Captain Charles McVay of the USS Indianapolis.


I-58 Commander
Commander Mochitsura Hashimoto of the Japanese submarine I-58.


USN hospital ship
History of USN Hospital Ships of the Pacific. Here the USS Tranquillity (AH-14) arrives at Guam carrying survivors of USS Indianapolis on August 8,1945