Support for the USS Indianapolis Museum

Jimmy O'Donnel

James “Jimmy” O’Donnell WT3
USS Indianapolis Survivor and Indianapolis Resident

As a survivor of the USS Indianapolis, I feel that a museum with all its memorabilia and artifacts telling the story of the ship and bravery of her crew and that “never give up” is very appropriate. It will be visited for generations to come by people interested in the history of World War II and how our freedom in this country was won.

I feel it is very important to keep this story alive for the younger generation and the educational value.


Mitch Daniels

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
Governor, Indiana

I want to express my support for your efforts to build a museum to preserve the memory of those lost in the USS Indianapolis tragedy nearly sixty years ago.

I have had the chance to visit with some of the remaining survivors. They convey in vivid detail and with emotion the events surrounding this naval disaster. We would be well served to capture this oral history in a way that can be shared with generations to come. The building of a museum in the ship’s namesake city is a fitting way both to pay tribute to the men of the USS Indianapolis and to educate our young people about the ship and the role its crew played in World War II.

I would encourage others to join me in support for this important undertaking. The museum will be a wonderful addition to the many memorials and historic exhibits honoring our veterans here in Indianapolis.


Bart Peterson

Bart Peterson
Mayor, Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to a national memorial to the men of the USS Indianapolis. It stands prominently along the Downtown Canal Walk, where countless residents and visitors pause to remember the sacrifices of the “Greatest Generation.” It is a memorial in which I take great pride. The museum will be an ideal compliment to the memorial by educating future generations of the heroism and courage demonstrated by the sailors of the USS Indianapolis.


Richard Lugar

Richard G. Lugar
United States Senator, Indiana

I was pleased to learn about the mission and plan to build a museum in Indianapolis to commemorate the role this great warship and its brave crew played in World War II. I commend the professional volunteers for taking on such a worthy project.

I have always believed in the importance of preserving the noble heritage of service and sacrifice borne by the Americans in times of war. The tragic fate of so many crew members of the USS Indianapolis during the final hours of World War II is an especially important event in this nation’s history that must be remembered by future generations of Americans. This museum will ensure that the sacrifices of these Sailors are never forgotten.

As a former Mayor of Indianapolis, I especially appreciate how our city’s many fine memorials and museums contribute to the city’s character and reputation. This museum would be a fitting complement to the USS Indianapolis memorial on the North Canal. I wish you and your organization every success in this endeavor.


Evan Bayh

Evan Bayh
United States Senator, Indiana

The fate of the USS Indianapolis changed the course of World War II and the bravery of those aboard and the mission must never be forgotten. The USS Indianapolis National Memorial recently erected along the Canal commemorates the tragedy and honors the survivors. While the memorial is a wonderful addition to this state, the need for future generations to learn about the mission is essential. A museum filled with information, artifacts, and survival stories of the USS Indianapolis will be a fitting way to continue sharing the legacy for years to come.

I strongly support the efforts of the USS Indianapolis Museum and the Survivors Organization to build this museum, and I hope to be of assistance in anyway I possibly can.


Julia Carson

Julia Carson, Member of Congress

It is an honor and a pleasure to serve in Congress. Among its greatest satisfactions is the power to do good, taking aim to right real wrongs, large and small. As I learned the details of the tragedy from the survivors and from a school child named Hunter Scott – how the crew performed distinguished and dangerous service; how the ship was forgotten; how the torpedoes tore through the hull; how the crew was lost, then some rescued; how they were discovered by chance – I decided that I would and should and could use a small part of the power of the people of Indianapolis to bring honor to those who came home and their shipments who did not.

Most of us will never be asked nor expected to put our lives on the line. The study of those who did and who gave so much in doing so bears our respectful attention in order that we may better learn the meaning-the shape-of sacrifice. The remarkable strength and inspiration offered here will contribute greatly to the undertaking. As this museum collects artifacts about the lore of the USS Indianapolis and communicates the crew’s personal stories, we will be able to safeguard, share and pass along the lessons of this tragedy to a wider audience, to the generation ahead.


Suellen Reed

Dr. Suellen Reed
Superintendent of Public Instruction

In Indiana’s schools, we work to teach our students about the rich history of our state, our nation, and the world. We recognize that these stories from our past must be told to each new generation, so they might know and honor the efforts and sacrifices of those who came before us.

The service of the USS Indianapolis and her brave crew is an important part of this history. A museum dedicated to the USS Indianapolis would be a fitting and lasting tribute, a wonderful addition to our state, and a valuable educational opportunity for Hoosier students.


Mike Whelihan

Mike Whelihan
State Adjutant Disabled American Veterans

On behalf of the Disabled American Veterans, Department of Indiana, we are honored to assist your organization in creating a USS Indianapolis Museum. Since our organization is comprised of veterans who bear the scars of war, both physical and mental, it is only proper that we perpetuate the sacrifices of the made by the crew of the USS Indianapolis.


Stephen Short

Stephen W. Short
Department Adjutant The American Legion, Department of Indiana

As a former U.S. History teacher, a veteran and a resident of the greater Indianapolis area, I can think of no greater tribute to our city and to our veteran population than to be home to a museum honoring the USS Indianapolis. Indianapolis is second only to our nation’s capital in number and quality of memorials honoring our country’s veterans.

I fully endorse the efforts of the USS Indianapolis Museum volunteers in their efforts to create a solemn and fitting tribute to these brave sailors and Marines who suffered on our behalf literally to the end of World War II. This worthy project should be supported by all Hoosiers.