Why Support the USS Indianapolis MuseumThe USS Indianapolis Museum Board of Directors' purpose is to develop and build a museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through committed leadership, you can play an important role in helping get the museum underway. This museum will commemorate the USS Indianapolis; honor those who served on her, and the role they played in protecting the freedom Americans enjoy today.

A permanent museum is needed to house the USS Indianapolis history, archives, collections, artifacts, photographs and memorabilia.

Celebrate the 13 year history of the USS Indianapolis and its contribution to the "cost of freedom" from 1932 to 1945.

Become a part of the community and enjoy the pride and exposure of being associated with the future of an internationally recognized museum.

Be a supporter of a powerful educational mission, message and teachings for future generations.

USS Indianapolis Museum would add another premier tourist destination for history, education and learning in Indianapolis.

USS Indianapolis history connects to the city of its namesake.  

The USS Indianapolis Museum is not only for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana – there were crew members from all the United States at that time, except Vermont. This is not just an Indiana story; this is a United States of America story. The Indianapolis survivors have passed the watch to us and we have accepted. Our mission is to do our part raising the awareness of the impact of freedom in our lives and prepare future generations for their watch.

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Good Neighbor Tour
President Franklin D. Roosevelt on board the USS Indianapolis during his Good Neighbor Tour and to attend the Pan American Conference in Buenos Aires, November 1936.


CINPAC officers
USS Indianapolis was the Flagship of the Pacific Fifth Fleet. Photo of officers of CINPAC including USS Indianapolis Captain Charles McVay and one-time Indianapolis resident and Shortridge High School graduate, Admiral R.A. Spruance.


USS Indianapolis National Memorial
USS Indianapolis National Memorial, located on the canal in downtown Indianapolis.